Terry Fire

Terry started DJing when he was 18, a lover of all genres of dance music., but predominantly house, techno & D’n’B.

Terry watched and listened to these three genres from day 1 and listened to them evolve over 30 years and these genres are his favorite to mix and listen to. Back in 1997, Terry landed a weekly residency at a local nightclub called ‘The Cotton Club’ in Kettering, East Midlands. Terry played for two years alongside two other DJ’s playing anything from funky house to trance. Their night ran for two years and ended when the club was unfortunately sold to developers. Then due to all things that life throws at you, he didn’t play so much, maybe the odd house party or two over the years and he settled down out in the sticks and had a family.

Around 6 years ago, Terry started mixing again at home and re-discovered his passion bigger than before.

Over the last coupe of years, Terry has done a couple of mixes for Highland Live Stream and played at charity gigs such as Clic Sargent. More recently, Terry teamed up with Groove Room events AKA Keith Gray where they have started a monthly residency at The Groove Room on the last Saturday of each month playing a different genre of dance each month. Terry says “We kicked off in April with a 90’s oldskool underground night which turned out to be a great success”