Robbie Dunlop

Robbie Dunlop is a DJ living in Inverness. Not originally from the area, but studying music in the city at the time, he first came across techno attending a party in an Indian restaurant in the centre of Glasgow. Inspired by the night, he soon found himself attending more and more events, eager to know more about the music. This eventually led to Robbie buying his first set of decks and practising night and day, trying to recreate what the dj’s were doing. Soon he was playing to anybody who would listen at parties and then onto local gigs and small festivals.

Fast forward a few years to 2015 and Robbie had moved to Inverness and was asked to play at the first Shenanigan at Bogbain. The event was a fantastic opportunity for him to get involved in the local dance music scene and to network with the local dj’s and promotors.

Robbie will be returning to play at Shenanigan 2017 for the third year and promises to keep the energy going with his flowing techno mixes.

Listen below to sample one of his recent mixes