Ramie Gold
  • Genre:Techno / Tech House

Ramie Gold

From the age of 13 Ramie Gold drew a keen taste in the Harder edged styles of dance music. At 17 he acquired his first set of decks and by 20 he was playing out regularly at events like  GEARBOX in Karma Lounge in Inverness, DIMENSION and COMPRESSION in Edinburgh in 2013/14.

Since then his attention has shifted predominantly more towards Techno and Tech House after having been to some of the massive Awakenings events in Amsterdam.

Over the last few years he has been seen on lineups supporting the likes of Eddie Halliwell, Technoboy, Kutski, Yoji, Lisa Lashes, L.E.D, Mallorca Lee, David Rust, Sykesy, Re-Tech and Andrea Montorsi to name a few.

His sets consist of mostly Underground Techno and bouncy Tech House. Now and again picking up the tempo towards the end, sometimes going back to his hard dance roots.