The roots of DJ Nordic go as far back as 1994 when he first heard rave music – an obsession soon grew and he became a geek for anything rave. Buying his first set of decks as soon he left school only fuelled his obsession even more.

Nordics first gig came in 1999 – playing trance and hard house which he says blew his tiny mind at the time.

His music has always been on the harder side and full of energy.

Nordic has played all sorts of gigs have seen me play from venues to cow sheds and even on FM radio – Highland Live Stream and Reboot

DJ Nordic says “Since my first gig out many different genres have been played, although for Shenanigan what you should expect to hear is TECHNO

His influences include:

Ultra-Sonic, Umek, Marika Rossa, Enrico Sanguliano, Spektre, Pig & Dan