Talking about techno, as the quote goes, is like dancing about architecture. fandango likes to do both. When he’s not occupied by his day job “coloring in”, fandango is constantly seeking out the fuel for one of his other main passions, DJing.

His deep rooted love of music in all shapes and forms goes back to the late 80s and early 90s. A time before many of the genres we take for granted in the 21st century had coagulated into their current commercial forms. Back in the days when the boundaries between artistic factions such as rock, techno, metal, acid, hip-hop, rave and house were much more fluid.

With his benchmark for a progressive DJ set being such epic journeys into sound as the Future Sound of London’s legendary 1993 BBC essential mix, fandango’s tastes and expectations transcend genre boundaries; catering equally for the raver at a punk show as to the rocker who strays onto the dance-floor.

Having been one of the first in class to make the switch from heavy-metal to electronic music, fandango made his first forays into Djing at Drakes in Aberdeen and found inspiration at the Pelican Club where he and his crew were regulars. Later on years spent in Glasgow further informed his taste and style, honing his skills at house parties and in pre-club bars. fandango’s also a frequent festival visitor, with I Love Techno, Melt! and Sonar being some of his favorite.

His ever growing record collection takes in the likes of classic pioneers Underworld, LCD Soundsystem and Orbital as well as cult labels such as Kompakt, Rephlex, UR, Gigolo and Warp. Despite the move to digital downloads, he remains a true vinyl junky, knowing well that good music transcends the format its played on.

Following recent appearances at Chedfest and some event staff duties at Digital in Berlin’s festival, fandango is excitedly preparing for a return to Shenanigan to through some more fuel on to the fire.

Mix recorded live at Chedfest: