DJ Dropz

“Having grown up in the scene in Manchester from the start of the early 90s watching the birth of jungle and DnB I was soon hooked on the sound becoming a fan of Hip hop, Rap, Reggae, Dance and rave.

I learned to DJ with a group of friends where we did a few private partys that then led to a playing in a few clubs. It was a real buzz at that time in the record stores and around the city. Life eventually took over and turned into a mere hobby at that time.

After a long break I relocated to Inverness and thought about getting back into my music. I decided to purchase a set of cheap decks and created a mix which I sent on to a certain local legend Ryan Mclean aka (Dj Ryz) who at the time was doing a night called ‘Urban Meltdown’ with Ally Ridgers and close friend Rab Hamill aka (Raboon).
They let me have a play and I soon got the thirst back. Shortly after that myself and Rab started a night called ‘Highland Junglists’ doing something that no other night was doing at the time, raw jungle music. We had some great nights in and out of the city, where we played Belladrum festival and also supported the legendary ‘Goldie’ at the ironworks. Although this night still exists it’s taking a wee sleep for now to move onto other ventures… but watch this space for new events!

I also featured on Fridub nights as a resident DJ set up by Rab Hamill supprting artists like Rudy Alba and Mungos Hifi, playing Global Reggae bar in Ibiza which was a blast!

In-between this time, me and a good friend who at the time were playing with the Highland Junglists as a dubstep and DnB DJ decided to start a night called ‘Digitized’ which was an infusion of party bangers geared for festival lovers. The highlight of this was smashing the mothers ruin @ Belladrum which was great fun.

I am currently featuring now on ‘Illicit’ DnB nights, a group created by myself and some friends with the same music interests. Illicit has already been causing a stir with our no nonsense tune selection and will continue to deliver good beats to the dnb fans in the city and surrounding areas.

The story goes on……………..” DJ Dropz