Desudo hit the scene back in 2009 with the creation of a weekly podcast and party concept called Gearbox. Before long, Desudo had gathered a large international following on his radio concept, adding guest mixes each week and becoming one of the most well established Hardstyle podcasts around. After a couple of years, he set his sights on creating a label for his brand Gearbox. In 2012, Gearbox Digital was born, and with a bang. Within 1 month, the label had racked up Radio 1 support from Kutski plus loads of other top names. Within the labels second year it had won the Hard Dance Label of the year. Now, 7 years in, Gearbox is recognised as one of the world’s leading labels within Harder styles. Gearbox is now 10 years old and preparing a worldwide tour which will be selling out arenas all over the globe.

Desudo himself has taken somewhat of a backseat on the DJ-ing front during the phenomenal growth of the label, offering opportunities of performances to the artists represented at his booking agency Pure Bookings. Gigs have been few and far between, but recently a love for mixing has been reignited and more performances from Desudo are inevitable. In the past he was known for his high octane performances, the name ‘Desudo’ aptly coming from the Latin phrase meaning ‘Sweats Violently due to hard mental or physical exertion’.

Desudo brings a special energy to his sets which are always full of exclusive material from artists at his label. The meaning behind the brand Gearbox, was down to his mixes progressing from Hard Dance all the Way through to Hardcore, so any set you hear from Desudo, you should expect a nice progression through the BPM’s with some heavy hitting tracks to close.